Conditions of Hire


All applications must be made in writing on the official application/booking form, either obtained from the Summit Centre or downloaded from our website on the ‘How to Book’ page. Alternatively applications for hire can be made online on our website on the ‘Online Booking’ page.

All applications must state the purpose for hire, hours, date and room requested, contact details including email address (if applicable), telephone number and invoice details, and any other requirements at time of booking.

Filling in a booking form or booking online is a contract of hire and you are agreeing that if the facility or room you request should be available at your chosen time and date you will honour that booking or incur a cancelation charge. No room or facility booking is confirmed until you have confirmation from a member of staff at the Summit Centre, either by phone or email. All bookings will only be provisional until an agreed deposit or other arrangement has been made with a member of our staff. ALL BOOKINGS MADE ARE A CONTRACT OF HIRE AND ALL APPLICANTS SHOULD KNOW ALL DETAILS BEFORE COMPLETING A BOOKING FORM IE. ROOM REQUIRED, TIMES, DATES, COST, ETC. If you need to know any details or have an enquiry then please call a member of our team or fill in the ‘Enquiry Form’ on the ‘Contact Us’ page of our website.

All applicants must have agreed a cost for hire before making a booking. The applicant must sign each application, or accept terms and conditions for online booking.

Applicants must be aged 18 or over.


Charges for the use of the facility shall be laid down, with the Summit Centre reserving the right to vary them without notice. Room hire is charged at an hourly or day rate. Please ensure you allow for setting up and packing away at time of booking. Charges are exclusive of VAT.


Payment for the use of the facility must be made at time of usage or by payment of account by invoice if agreed so by the Centre Manager. Other payment methods should be agreed at time of booking by a member of our staff. All bookings may require a deposit before hand to confirm the booking. On all bookings for function rooms a 25% non-refundable deposit is required at time of booking, with the remaining balance due no later than 1 week before the event. Any food supplied by ourselves must be paid for 1 week in advance, unless payment is made on invoice.


The booking may only be cancelled without charge if the following notification is given, either in writing or other agreed terms.

By groups with block bookings: one month notice of cancellation is required.

Function room bookings: one months notice required, deposit non-refundable.

Other bookings: one week notice.

The Summit Centre may cancel any booking having given notice of no fewer than seven days in writing to the hirer.



The maximum number of persons allowed must not exceed those specified by the Centre manager or their representatives.


No function or event shall be announced or advertised to take place until the application has been accepted.


The applicant shall comply with all fire notices and other instructions issued by the Centre Manager in relation to emergencies. In the case of evacuation, no refund will be given.


The applicant/hirer shall be responsible for and shall pay the Summit Centre on demand the amount of any damage done or occasioned to the premises or the fixtures, fittings, apparatus, equipment, furniture, or other contents during the use of the premises. The Centre Manager, whose decision shall be final, shall certify the amount of such damages.


The applicant/hirer shall indemnify the Summit Centre from and against any claims for damages, costs or expenses that may be made against them in respect of any personal injury, or loss of or damage to property in consequence of hiring.


If required by the Summit Centre, the applicant/hirer shall effect, before the date of hiring, insurance cover in the joint names of the council and the hirer against the hirers liability for an amount to be prescribed by the Summit Centre.

Clearance of Premises

The applicant/hirer shall comply with all reasonable requests of the Centre Manager and their staff who shall be deemed as agents of the Summit Centre, and shall ensure that the premises are cleared of its users and left in a tidy and orderly condition at the end of the period of hire. We request all users consider residents when leaving the centre.


Photographs can only be taken with the permission of the Centre Manager.

Transfer of Hire

The right to use the facilities is not transferable.

Cars etc

Persons using the centres car parking facilities do so at their own risk and shall park in a manner so as not to cause any obstruction or nuisance to other users.

Lost Property

The Summit Centre accepts no responsibility for loss or damage to any personal property or article at the centre.


No animals shall be brought in to the building without prior permission from the Centre Manager.


It is expected that users will behave with the propriety and the due regard to the care of the Summit Centre’s property and its staff.


The premises shall not be used for any purpose other than that duly authorised in advance by the Summit Centre. The applicant/hirer is responsible for the effective supervision of activities within the premises during the hire period.

Rights Reserved

The Summit Centre reserves the right to terminate any hire as it sees fit and reserves the right of entry during the period of hire to any persons duly authorised by the Summit Centre. The applicant/hirer shall only be entitled to use the particular part of the centre hired and the Summit Centre reserves the right to let any other part of the building for any purpose or purposes at the same time.

Special Conditions

The Summit Centre may if it is considered necessary, apply special conditions to any letting provided that written notice of such conditions shall have been submitted to and accepted by the applicant/hirer prior to the letting being made.

Breach of Conditions

Upon any breech of the foregoing regulations and conditions by the applicant/hirer (as to which the decision of the Centre Manager is final) the Manager may terminate the hiring forthwith, both as to the occasion of the said breech and as to any future bookings and even if the period of hiring has not expired but the applicant/hirer shall be liable to pay the Summit Centre the full amount payable under the foregoing regulations and conditions.


All reference to the Summit Centre shall be deemed to include East Kirkby Miners Welfare Trust. All reference to Centre Manager shall be deemed to include the person in charge of the centre at any particular time.


The Summit Centre Trustees, whose decision is final, shall determine any questions arising as to the interpretation of these conditions of the charges.


The applicant/hirer shall indemnify the Summit Centre against infringement of copyright which may occur during hiring.


Intoxicating drink may not be brought on to the premises unless special permission has been obtained prior to the application being made; the appropriate corkage must be paid on all drinks brought in.


Any complaints arising out of the hiring must be in writing to the Manager within three days of the occasion.

Electricity at Work Regulations 1989

All electrical equipment brought in to the Summit Centre must comply with the electricity at work regulations 1989. If an item on visual inspection is considered unsafe it must be removed from the premises.

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