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Who can use a Children’s Centre?

By 2010 every community will have a Children’s Centre. If you are pregnant, have a child under the age of 5 or are caring for a child under 5, then you can use any Children’s Centre. This means that you don’t need to live in that Children’s Centre area.

Children’s Centres help widen services across the community so they are easier for families to use.

Parent and Children’s Centre Partnerships

Many parents across the county have been asked what they think about children’s services and what they would like from them. There is a strong view that parents want to be part of a supportive and consistent community of parents, carers and children. They also want to support one another in an informal way and access advice and guidance easily from professionals. To let this happen we want to ensure children and families are listened to.

The Kirkby East Parent’s Group

We would like to have a strong parent’s group which will play an important role in developing services and ensuring other parents’ voices are heard.

The purpose of the Parent’s Group is:

  • get feedback from other parents and families about what services should be delivered and what improvements can be made to existing services;
  • help the Kirkby East staff work out what kind of services are needed;
  • receive and feed back information from the Local Management Group to the parents and vice-versa;
  • be involved in the Local Management Group.

We would like to support families to have a strong link in the planning, delivery, management and evaluation of our Children’s Centre.

Tel: 01623 727446 or 01623 723232

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